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Ah Ya Salam  
Birth of Sabah Fakhri
Death of Muhamad Abdel Wahab

Album: Al Atlal UK
  • Songs Um Kalthum
  • Composed by: Um Kalthum
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    Al Atlal - Qasr Eneel 68

    Um Kalthum

    Lyricist : Ibrahim Nagi
    Composer : Riyad Sunbati
    My heart, don’t ask where the love has gone It was a citadel of my imagination that has collapsed Pour me a drink and let us drink on its ruins And tell the story on my behalf as long as the tears flow Tell how that love became past news And became a story among the stories of passion I haven’t forgotten you And you seduced me with a sweetly-calling and tender tongue And a hand extending towards me like a hand stretched out through the waves to a drowning person And the light that a night traveler thirsts for But where is that light in your eyes? My darling, I visited your nest one day as a bird of desire singing my pain You’ve become self-important, spoiled and capricious And you inflict harm like a powerful tyrant And my longing for you cauterized my ribs (soul or insides) And the waiting was like embers in my blood Give me my freedom, release my hands Indeed, I’ve given you yours and did not try to retain anything Ah, your chains have bloodied my wrists I haven’t kept then nor have they spared me Why do I keep promises that you do not honor? When will this captivity end, when the world is before us? He is far away, my enchanting love Full of pride, majesty and delicacy Sure-footed walking like an angel with oppressive beauty and rapacious glory Redolent of charm like the breeze of the hills Pleasant to experience like the night’s dreams I’ve lost forever the charm of your company that radiated brilliantly I, wandering in love, a bewildered butterfly, approached you And between us, desire was a messenger and drinking companion that presented the cup to us Had love seen two as intoxicated as us? So much hope we had built up around us And we walked in the moonlit path, joy skipping along ahead of us And we laughed like two children together And we ran and raced our shadows . And we became aware after the euphoria and woke up If only we did not awaken Wakefulness ruined the dreams of slumber The night came and the night became my only friend And then the light was an omen of the sunrise and the dawn was towering over like a conflagration And then the world was as we know it, with each lover in their own path Oh sleepless one who slumbers and remembers the promise when you wake up Know that if a wound begins to recover another wound crops up with the memory So learn to forget and learn to erase it . My darling everything is fated It is not by our hands that we make our misfortune Perhaps one day our fates will cross when our desire to meet is strong enough For if one friend denies the other and we meet as strangers And if each of us follows his or her own way Don’t say it was by our own will But rather, the will of fate
    5-12-1968 جودة عالية
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